Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Read this (pass it on).....

I was nominated for this chain-blog-thingy by the wonderful Leila Rasheed She has been an inspiration me for a long time now and is a fantastic writer for children and young adults.

I don't do these things often. I'm not great at them (if I'm honest), but I've had a go!

These are the questions.

“What are you working on?”

I’m now working on the edits for my teen novel Seven Days. It's an exciting process, first time for me! It's also really great to see your novel begin to take shape. Editorial input is so valuable, it makes you see things in a new light and you also notice the glaring mistakes and several repetitions that you miss when you read a novel yourself a million times over!

I'm also starting to flesh out some ideas for my next book (due for release in 2016). I can't give away any details yet, but I'm getting quite excited about how things are developing.
“How does your writing differ from others in its genre?”

That is so difficult to answer. I think all writing differs. We all have our different strengths.
I've always been told that I have an authentic voice, I think that comes from working directly with teens for so long. I'm also quite gritty and don't like to shy away from serious matters that I think are really troubling young people.

My characters are often flawed and come from troubled backgrounds. I like to explore this and also look at the inner strengths and beauty some of these individuals can have. I don't believe in Happy Ever Afters - but I do believe in hope and the amazing strength of human spirit.
“Why do you write what you do?”

I started writing comedy novels, but there was always a gritty undertone. When I started working with teenagers I had a direct link to what issues they were facing on a daily basis. I started to find that my work was now naturally leaning towards these contemporary themes (without the humour) and actually it seemed to suit me.
“How does the writing process work for you?”
I try to write 500 - 1,000 words a day. I edit as I go (because I'm a bit of a perfectionist) so sometimes I can be stuck on the same chapter for a while.
I'm not a planner, I wish I was. I have a rough idea where I'm going and then I just write. I let my characters direct me and take me on their roughly penned out journey. It seems to work.
There are days however, when I sit and sob and wonder if I'll ever be able to write again. These are outweighed by the wonder days, when the sentences flow - and a piece of work really comes to life.

That’s it folks!  I nominate 1) author extaordinaire Ruth Warburton if you’ve not read the Winter trilogy do so now, she is an amazing writer! And 2) debut YA novelist Sara Crowe Her novel Bone Jack is out April 2014!

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